Set Timeout Snippets

05 December, 2013   

AppleScript Source Code for Evernote Notebooks Backup

04 January, 2014   

Example shows how to set Interval and set Timeout in jQuery

This will return the number of seconds between now and when the time field was inserted.

PHP code to display a thumbnail image on the page without saving it

02 November, 2016   

A PHP template for dealing with any sort of error

Of course, this must be encapsulated and taken to a much higher abstraction level (something like wshGetSpecialFolder [folderName] and wshCreateLink args...)

13 December, 2011   

Chooses a pre-determined playlist from your iTunes library

Asp code example to show the date a file was created

17 July, 2013   

This one creates a back of the current workbook.

Here are the Dos Batch code to Convert Video for Andriod Phone .

12 August, 2015   

Example shows how to capitalize in MySQL.

13 December, 2011   

You can use to find and replace text in a variable. This script created by Bruce Phillips, one of the leading posters at MacScripter.

An example MYSQL function

Does url_decoding while respecting utf8 characters.

Does url_decoding while respecting utf8 characters.

05 December, 2013   

AppleScript to send URL from Mac browser to Prowl (iOS)

02 April, 2017   

Last name matches the user input and returns their phone and email information

This Applescript take the selected file in Finder and open it with Sublime Text 2 (~/bin/subl). Using Alfred you can bind a global hotkey for this script, so you can edit your files with just a keypress, without worrying about the default editor.

13 February, 2013   

PHP Code example for ASCII CAPTCHA

Set the Border style of your main form to bsNone and then use System Parameters Info message to get the SPI_GETWORKAREA value then use Set Bounds to make your Window the correct size.