Space Append Snippets

Append Non-Breaking Space Between Last Two Words

Python functions are naturally polymorphic on their arguments, and checking argument types loses polymorphism

28 January, 2011   

Append Site Overlay DIV

18 June, 2011   

Add a space (or other delimiter) only if a variable is set, in order to avoid ugly unnecessary spaces.

29 December, 2012   

Example MySql code to append Data to Field in MySql

Javascript append function "DOM Append Text and Element Functions"

26 January, 2013   

Once the keycode of the spacebar is detected, it returns false which disallow the entering of space.

17 December, 2012   

Example code for Add javascript in VB.Net and C#

26 July, 2012   

Java code example to append text to file in Java

02 February, 2013   

Example code for Generic Array To String Function

28 June, 2016   

JavaScript code example for Parse Zapier apps list

An example C++ code for using the same variable name in different scopes by Ali Murad

Add Non-Breaking Space on Title to Prevent Widows

jQuery example code to add image to browser cache

07 September, 2019   

Normally the tab key moves to the next focusable thing. This inserts a tab character in instead.

05 March, 2017   

To add a "space" to the dock in OS X, open up and enter this. Enter it as many times as you want spaces. Error on too many, they are easy to remove. by Chris Coyier

An example of a simple double linked list using OOP techniques

19 April, 2015   

Merges two strings in a way that a pattern like ABABAB will be the result.

Encodes the given data with MIME base64. Base64-encoded data takes about 33% more space than the original data.

11 October, 2011   

In the same way you often need to format data being sent from Flash, you sometimes need to format data being received. This function takes a string and removes all spaces from it. Here we use the split method of the String class to split the string into an Array and then call the join method of the Array class to convert it back to a string....