Specific Style Snippets

You may use this code to highlight specific words in your displaying search results.

CSS code snippet for Style Links Depending on Destination

Here is code to emove a specific character from the end of a Excel cell. Replace 'A1' with the cell and '-' with the character you want to remove. I found it very useful.

jQuery example code for extract hyperlinks with specific href

14 July, 2014   

A few points of interest: * The HREF links use JavaScript to set a browser cookie named "style". * Since we are only setting one cookie and it's name is "style", we can read its value using "document.cookie.charAt(6)". * If no cookie is set, "StyleFile" will evaluate to "style.css". * The...

26 April, 2012   

Code for Table Row Highlight By JavaScript

20 March, 2012   

HTML code example for Style HTML elements

15 September, 2012   

This script shows how to redirect to a specific site.

09 November, 2011   

How to set style of borders. here shown an example.

05 August, 2013   

CSS code for Big Curly Quotes Markup

18 October, 2012   

HTML style example code for background color

09 November, 2011   

Here an example how to set the width of the four borders

HTML Code example for Style font, color, and size

21 June, 2012   

CSS code for iPad-Specific CSS

How to dynamically update your Snippets

Hides iframe until fully loaded.

To produce a random character from a specific list of characters (for example 'x', 'y' or 'z')

18 January, 2011   

Now you can write IE specific styles in a regular stylesheet, by prefacing the CSS selectors with body.

30 August, 2012   

CSS code example for stylish submit buttons

A bug seems to occur when you add a negative margin to a list item in IE6. The background image applied to the list item gets repeated randomly and generally messes up. Add this little gem to your head to fix the problem. Remember to change the id tag to your own.