Straight Talk Code Generator Snippets

26 August, 2015   

A program which gives a lexigraphic permutation generator.

This allows you to do String.random_alphanumeric(num) to get a random string that is num characters long. Useful for generating random identifier keys.

22 November, 2015   

To print out all possible subsets in lexicographic order

C++ source code for standard ASCII table generator

04 December, 2011   

Example of If Statement in python

11 January, 2012   

You can create like following code by Visual MAXScript Editor

01 March, 2011   

Function that generates random passwords.

C++ source code for Output console text with type-writer effect

11 January, 2012   

An example MAXScript opening and closing Rollout

11 April, 2011   

Specifications of the TOPIC database format, a standardized structure for plain text databases that's easy to read and edit in most text editors, and easy to programmatically parse as well.

Basic XHTML 1.0 layout which includes basic layout structure and is prepared for jQuery. On load a 'js' class is added to the root element in order to nicely handle graceful degradation if JS is disabled and prevent flickering if JS is enabled.

This basic snippet will create a random authentication code, or just a random string.

How to display the source code of any webpage. you can use below example code

04 October, 2012   

Code example for parsing XML in easy way using PHP

04 July, 2012   

Good programmer comments their code so that anyone can know what is happening in code. Its easy for others to edit the code.

Visual Basic code for inverting text with simple code. Very easy for all beginners. Easy to understand. Compatibility: VB 6 Author of the code: Ben - Ezrah Mansilla Declarations: Add two text box with default name One command with default name

17 November, 2011   

Example for some HTML <em> <strong> <dfn> <code> <samp> <kbd> <var> <cite> Tags

15 September, 2011   

Here are example of Different computer-output tags

09 May, 2011   

This is a general code to use when inserting an item from a MySQL database. This code isn't considered definitive and can be written in many varied ways. An extention of this code would be to make sure the entry you are adding to the database doesn't already exist (to save dupicate entries). Note: This code requires you to connect to the MySQL...

Delphi example code for Google Spreadsheet GEO code address