Syntax Highlighting Snippets

26 February, 2011   

Here shown how to highlight syntax

06 June, 2012   

This function highlight_string() outputs or returns a syntax highlighted version of the given PHP code using the colors defined in the built-in syntax highlighter for PHP.

Several hundred user notes on the str_replace page later, and we have a function that provides a variety of text highlighting options for plaintext or HTML strings.

01 February, 2011   

Associative Array Syntax

09 February, 2012   

Syntax for both the column and table aliases

22 March, 2012   

Basic Declaration & Usage of Keyframe Animation Syntax

05 August, 2014   

PHP code example to highlight words in a string.

07 December, 2011   

The syntax of the session_start () function

02 August, 2012   

CSS Clay Bricks Menu by Dynamic Drive

09 February, 2012   

Syntax for the Length function

If you have a database driven site and you want to optimize MySQL tables then this is perfect. It goes through all the tables in a MySQL database and does table optimization on each one using the MySQL Optimize Table syntax.

07 January, 2016   

The INNER JOIN keyword return rows when there is at least one match in both tables.

MySQL code to find all duplicates in a database column(s)n.

10 October, 2013   

CSS code for individual rounded corners. A longer base with each corner radius broken down into a different property.

02 November, 2016   

A PHP template for dealing with any sort of error