Table Row Highlight Snippets

26 April, 2012   

JavaScript code example for Table Row Highlight

26 April, 2012   

Code for Table Row Highlight By JavaScript

In this example we will select everything in our table "example" and put it into a nicely formatted HTML table.

If we wanted to select only certain entries of our table, then we would use the WHERE clause .

29 July, 2013   

Selecting a Random Row from Table in MySQL

21 December, 2013   

The following table has a caption. The first row and the first column contain table header cells only; other cells are data cells.

23 October, 2012   

MySQL code example for sorting data in a GRID

PHP & Mysql based code to Print table with client-side sorting function.

The mysql_fetch_assoc "converts" a row from a table into an associative array. The mysql_insert_array "converts" an associative array into a row in a table.

You may use this code to highlight specific words in your displaying search results.

05 August, 2014   

PHP code example to highlight words in a string.

22 December, 2012   

How to select a random row in MySQL

26 February, 2015   

Simple and easy mySQL code to select the row number

31 October, 2011   

It is a class file which can export to excel. simply call the function and give sql Query and sql connection.

Make a MySQL Database called "db" with a table named "variables" with three rows ("id", "title", and "content"). Insert your data. Then call the page by going variables.php?id=1 etc.

12 July, 2012   

PHP MySQL code to select row randomly fast

15 December, 2012   

Allows you monitor how many times a link/image/banner is clicked.

CSS code to highlight links that open in a new window

06 November, 2014   

Example mysql code to select the row number

09 June, 2014   

JavaScript code for click to edit a table cell inline.