Transform Url Snippets

19 September, 2011   

If you leave a URL in the comment form of a WordPress blog, it will be automatically transformed into a hyperlink. If you want to implement the same functionality in your own website or web app, you can use the following code:

08 February, 2012   

With below CSS code you can flip images

Listed below are a handful of useful maxscript snippets of code that share with everyone.

19 January, 2012   

CSS Code example - how to control the letters in a text

Just some funzies with CSS3 animations. If you are worried about super deep browser support, use a GIF.

PHP code example for redirecting from old URL to new URL

You can use a url shortener with Twitter such as

29 August, 2011   

Be careful that these boxes aren't sitting within another element that has a background, otherwise the negative z-index values (required for this to work) will force the shadows underneath that and not show up.

07 April, 2011   

Here are the code for Page Curl Shadows in CSS

23 December, 2015   

It allows you to add your own fonts on the page. To convert to different formats use this service Font2Web.

Assigns the contents of a "url" to the string variable "result".

11 October, 2018   

C++Code Snippets to Write a character using cout

19 February, 2013   

A small function to find the current URL of the page

02 June, 2012   

This code removes all special characters from the given URL and make it SEO friendly.

31 May, 2012   

Show something moving across the screen

13 December, 2012   

CSS trick to display the URL from the href attribute after each link

01 February, 2011   

Associative Array Syntax

29 July, 2015   

Apache code example shows how to remove .php from URL

Convert a string of text and ad hyperlinks to all the URLs. We loop through each URL and add a hyperlink

05 August, 2015   

Shows how to access the HTTP headers from a given web adress.