Unit Snippets

24 July, 2014   

Calculate distance between two zip codes or postal codes.

15 November, 2012   

If one of the input values is zero, then the program will end with an error code of "1" in the job control card listing following the execution of the program. Normal output will be one line printed with A, B, C, and AREA. No specific units are stated.

13 March, 2014   

Delphi code example for [UNIT] ROT1 Encrypt Strings

15 November, 2012   

This program has two input checks: one for a blank card to indicate end-of-data, and the other for a zero value within the input data. Either condition causes a message to be printed.

01 November, 2012   

Example code for mMoving cursor to end of paragraph

C++ example code for three dimension coordinate systems converter

C++ code example for three dimension coordinate systems converter

C++ Source code for Three Dimension Coordinate Systems Converter

C++ code snippet for three dimension coordinate systems converter

11 July, 2011   

To do a Hello world proved to be quite simple, so lets take it a bit further and write a function which prints the hello world text.

Example code for moves cursor to the start of the selection (variations):

24 April, 2014   

[UNIT] Im Spreading. I posted it as learning to defend yourself.

Note that you must include the unit ExtActns in the uses clause.

This Unit is Made by Snify and MindfreaK Remember, the Process is chosen randomly and could be terminated by itself , so u need an re-inject system which checks for an running persistence module/dll/codeinjection. ( TIPP: Communicate via Mutex )

13 March, 2011   

This program make input type for password.

13 February, 2014   

Just got inspired last night and decided to start a class to get the screen in "blocks" and check which one has changed to update only those.

11 November, 2013   

These are two JavaScript functions that should of course be properly called on "onkeyup" event in the appropriate fields.

A Java example code for Use Stateless Session Bean To PersistEntity

12 March, 2013   

Example code Raw Disk Access Unit

28 April, 2011   

Over the years I have made quite a few software programs in Delphi, and inevitably I have also come up with many useful functions. Most of them I have never published on the Internet before, now I would like to list on blog. Part 1 are functions for managing integer or real numbers, they were written very early in 1997.