User Agent Snippets

26 December, 2012   

Email regex validation with MX check and communication. Sample code included. Returns bool valid code, bool condition code and str message.

02 November, 2016   

A PHP template for dealing with any sort of error

The mysql_fetch_assoc "converts" a row from a table into an associative array. The mysql_insert_array "converts" an associative array into a row in a table.

Displays the text message associated with the numerical error codes returned by the GetLastError api function.

15 January, 2020   

Error Loging in ASP.NET

10 November, 2012   

Visual Basic code example for creating a Global Hotkey (active throughout Windows)

08 January, 2014   

Simple Python IRC bot by Berend.

Source code for Trigonometry Table made

This is the whole HTML page with JS/CSS embeded, uses Google Maps API V3

07 August, 2014   

All hints except /*+ rule */ cause the CBO to be used. Therefore, it is good practise to analyze the underlying tables if hints are used (or the query is fully hinted.