Validate Email Snippets

02 April, 2017   

Last name matches the user input and returns their phone and email information

17 November, 2011   

An example HTML <address> Tag

This code snippet populates a datagridview control using array objects.

30 December, 2010   

Class to back up entire databases and email them out, or individual tables

09 February, 2011   

Class to back up entire databases and email them out, or individual tables.

Take array and create multiple columns, define divisible by value ($divis) from total results then use modulus within the loop. This example shows multiple columns for unordered list items.

HTML Form using php code that accepts mail related information

01 September, 2014   

MySQL code example to assign random passwords

Source code for Validate Longitudinal Redundancy Checksum

10 August, 2011   

An easy way to send an HTML email with an attachment.

09 February, 2013   

There are websites that will watch a page for you and notify but I didn't really like the way they worked.

CSS code snippet for Style Links Depending on Destination

11 October, 2011   

In the same way you often need to format data being sent from Flash, you sometimes need to format data being received. This function takes a string and removes all spaces from it. Here we use the split method of the String class to split the string into an Array and then call the join method of the Array class to convert it back to a string....

Whenever a row is inserted in the Customers Table, the following trigger will be executed.

Here is the code for donating a fixed amount. This option adds an item at the dollar amount you set to the PayPal cart

28 January, 2012   

JavaScript Code example to choose a page and Jump

C++ source code for Output console text with type-writer effect

Note that to add a new column to the query, just add in an input box to the HTML, the PHP generates an insert for each field.