Vb Net Snippets

29 December, 2011   

ASP code example for a random link, each time you load the page, it will display one of two links: Xentrik.net OR Xentrik Snippets.

Five different ways to get the computer name in ASP.NET

10 December, 2013   

VB.Net code for Fullscreen

17 December, 2012   

Example code for Html.ActionLink in VB.Net

15 May, 2012   

VB.NET Code example to add dynamic css file in header

jQuery example code for extract hyperlinks with specific href

Code example for Force Logoff in VB.NET via InteropServices

06 March, 2012   

An example code for JavaScript Jump Menu

06 October, 2012   

Code for dynamic add css file in header

26 April, 2012   

JavaScript code example for Table Row Highlight

07 May, 2012   

An example code to Copy data into dotNet array

24 October, 2016   

You should NOT use this if you are ACTUALLY using WordPress.

19 September, 2011   

If you leave a URL in the comment form of a WordPress blog, it will be automatically transformed into a hyperlink. If you want to implement the same functionality in your own website or web app, you can use the following code:

29 March, 2012   

ASP code example to check reciprocal link

23 September, 2011   

ASP code snippet to check Reciprocal Link

17 December, 2012   

Example code for Add javascript in VB.Net and C#

21 July, 2012   

VB.NET Code for Julian Day of The Year

25 August, 2012   

VB.Net code example for Radio Button Value Parse

22 March, 2014   

You can display your link description in the status bar of your browser.

Example code for Force Favicon Requests to Correct Location