Xhtml Template Snippets

09 March, 2011   

Here are Doctype Template

01 January, 2013   

Basic template for xhtml transitional

09 March, 2011   

Default XHTML start code for designing a layout or template for your website. Great for working on several clients/projects and do not want to retype this code over and over again.

Makes it extremely easy to integrate code igniter and smarty as well as provide layout capabilites.

03 August, 2011   

By the below template we can make for-loop using xslt.

01 January, 2013   

This is the general page template. It has all of the essentials (along with a favicon link - not essential).

An example of Strict Textmate Template

15 April, 2013   

An example code for XHTML Strict starter

20 July, 2013   

Source code for Flash XHTML valid

12 September, 2013   

Example HTML Common DOCTYPES

Basic XHTML 1.0 layout which includes basic layout structure and is prepared for jQuery. On load a 'js' class is added to the root element in order to nicely handle graceful degradation if JS is disabled and prevent flickering if JS is enabled.

Example shown here how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.

An example code of how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.

20 July, 2013   

Source code for Flash movie into valid XHTML

Nice example of how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.

09 July, 2011   

How to sort array in smarty template? Create sort modifier file and save it in smarty / plugins with modifier.sortby.php name use this modifier in smarty template like... {foreach item=item key=key from=$users|@sortby:"firstname"} {$item.id}-{$item.firstname} {/foreach}

Tries to make out of the given string a xhtml-compatible string, that means that the return-string could be wrapped within a xml.

20 August, 2015   

Basic setup code for jQuery, linking to Google APIs for the jQuery library.

A Template for building OpenGL applications using GLUT.

How to disable Future Dates in AJAX Control Toolkit CalendarExtender Control. Author of this code is Mudassar Khan