Xml Loading Util Snippets

22 February, 2011   

Simple usage: var xmlLoader:LoadXMLUtil = new LoadXMLUtil("pathtoxml.xml"); xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaderComplete); private function onLoaderComplete(event:Event):void{ trace("Loaded XML: "); trace(xmlLoader.xml); }

jQuery example code to add image to browser cache

Optimize your website loading time by compressing files into smaller size.

19 December, 2012   

How to convert a java util Date into a sql Date for use in databases.

jQuery example to prevent Anchor Links from Loading

04 October, 2012   

Code example for parsing XML in easy way using PHP

26 January, 2012   

A simple example template of an Asset Update XML

How to create a splash screen for slow loading apps. below shown a Delphi code example

23 February, 2012   

XML Code to display XML data in an HTML table

In order to add a splash screen to your black berry app, you need to create an XML file, name it "blackberry-tablet.xml" and place it at root level --With your Application descriptor file.

23 February, 2012   

Here shown simple XML tags

11 September, 2011   

Simple example template of an Import XML

This code will show you how to save data from gridview to xml file

08 May, 2013   

Shred attribute values out of an XML Variable in SQL 2008

15 July, 2013   

This code will be used to bind an xml file to gridview

01 August, 2011   

Here is an example XML hit count

19 December, 2012   

Example shown here how to convert String to Date in Java

20 July, 2015   

This example shows how to serialize a simple object by using the XmlSerializer.

Code example using PHP to add/ remove nodes from an XML file

22 December, 2011   

MaxScript code example to load a library