Code Snippets Submitted by J Kamy81

28 August, 2017   

C++ source code for a simple hashtable

02 April, 2017   

Last name matches the user input and returns their phone and email information

13 November, 2018   

Types for use with the AdjustImage overloaded functions. The types define valid ranges of values for various function parameters.

18 December, 2017   

CSS code for All Stylesheet Media Types

Source code for Binary tree creation, traversal and search

Apache Code example for blocking based on User-Agent Header

This program checks whether an year (integer) entered by the user is a leap year or not.

11 May, 2017   

The following code uses bitwise operators to determine if an unsigned integer, x, is a power of two.

Code example to check whether browser is a beta version

18 May, 2017   

The <!-- --> stuff is the HTML comment.

07 September, 2017   

CSS Code for Common Unicode Icons

04 December, 2018   

PHP Code to create Unique AlphaNumeric

CSS code example how to custom File Input Styling in WebKit/Blink

Asp.Net code snippet for Database Query Within WebServices

03 April, 2018   

Returns the last day of the month containing the given date.

Delphi code to display the screen size and the list of fonts

Javascript append function "DOM Append Text and Element Functions"

13 May, 2019   

It makes things draggable and with a specified handle optionally

MySQL code to Find PHP code in database Drupal 6.x

15 January, 2020   

Error Loging in ASP.NET