Arrange 1.0.0

Arrange 1.0.0
Publisher: Date added: 24 October, 2013
License: Freeware Size: 23.5 KB

Utility to quickly resize, position and Arrange your windows workspace.


Utility to quickly resize, position and Arrange your windows workspace.

Top features
1. Arrange Grid
Intuitive and easy to use grid interface for window sizing and placement.
Support for Roaming profiles

2. Support for Roaming profiles
Log on to any computer on the your Windows Server domain and Arrange profile will follow you. Consistent desktop experience on the move.

3. MultiUser support
Every individual user on PC can have their own personalized Arrange configuration.

4. Support for shortcuts
Unlimited shortcuts to save the frequently required window placement configuration

Tags: Windows, Microsoft, Software, Utility, App, Application, Tile, Screen, Split, Full, Fullscreen, Splitscreen, Maximize, Management, Window, Arrange, Zoom, Free Workspace Management, Freeware
Platforms: Windows 7 , XP , Win7 x32 , Win7 , WinXP
Requirements: .NET 4.0 and above
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