Space Synthesizer 2.0

Space Synthesizer 2.0
Publisher: Date added: 12 May, 2009
License: Freeware Size: 3.1 MB

Space Synthesizer is an ambient sound polyphonic instrumental VST plug-in. It is ideal to create music for settings, environments, techno, space or electronic music in general.


Space Synthesizer is an ambient sound polyphonic instrumental VST plug-in. It is ideal to create music for settings, environments, techno, space or electronic music in general. This Space Synthesizer plug-in has really unique sounds, which make it a very useful tool for musicians or users who need fresh and new sounds for their creations.Space Synthesizer includes a large number of effects, modulators and possibilities to mould sound to your needs. It also includes an analogue sequencer, wave oscilator and numerous filters that lets you create more sophisticated sounds.

Platforms: Windows
Requirements: Not specified
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