Domain Hosting

Now that you've designed a killer site, it's time to get it online. That means buying a domain and finding a suitable host, or taking advantage of all the great free hosting providors out there. Here's how you do it.

  • Hosting
    Get your domain hosted, and do it right.
  • Hosting Specifications
    What all those terms mean, and whether they're worth it.
  • Host List
    A list of hosting companies, both good and bad.
  • Free Hosting
    Can't afford the whole shebang? do it for free.
  • Website Hosting Methods
    Three of the most commonly used methods of hosting websites, to help you pick the best one for you.
  • How to minimize the cost of hosting services
    Common methods that help to reduce the cost of hosting services.
  • About Hosting
    General aspects regarding web hosting.
  • Hosting
    An introduction into web hosting.
  • The Benefits of Using Dedicated Web Servers
    Beneficial aspects of dedicated web servers, and an analysis of the situations in which they are best used.
  • Facts You Must Know Before Using Dedicated Servers
    A look into dedicated web servers and situations when you should use them.
  • Essential Components of a Linux Web Hosting Plan
    What you need to know when choosing a Linux based web hosting plan.
  • Backing-up Your Web Site
    Backing up websites is an easy process which can cause devastating effects if ignored. See why in this article.