Your choice of Domain name on Internet

What is a Domain? Domain is a specific IP address or name assigned to a website. Domain name example or are one of the most popular domain names in on the Internet. Domain names are given by assigning an easy-to-remember name to an already existing IP address or Internet Protocol Address such as attributing to

To own a domain name, you have to first own an IP address, to which you can associate the domain name. It’s not expensive and at times you may even get offers from web hosting companies with free domains. In case you are looking to get a domain for yourself then here are some tips before you do so.

* If you are searching for a domain for business, pick a name that is suggestive in relation to your business. Example: You own a shop and sell flower, so a domain like would suit you well.
* Do a background check before buying a domain name.
* If you want to choose a domain for personal use, use a familiar name, such as or
* There are several extensions to choose from, each with a different meaning, like .com, .net, .org, .info etc. Choose the right type of extension to serve the purpose of your website (in case you want to provide information to the public, choose .info or you want to setup an organization choose .org, etc.).

There may be a billion domain names that you can think of and you might even have a few shortlisted for yourself but before you search for their availability remember to pick the right domain for yourself.

A web site's name is stored on Name Servers over the internet. When you type , the Domain Name Server [DNS server] closest to your geographical location provides the address back to your browser.

Certain domain name providers may provide you with extras such as a domain along with hosting or a domain along with certification, but you need to be careful, since sometimes this is a diversion, meant to lure you into purchasing it from them (and to draw your attention from other aspects you should take into consideration, like monthly fee calculations or security checks).

How do you check the domains history?

Here are useful tips:

1. - Check the "way-back" information using this website if the domain was ever in use or contained any kind of information in the past.
2. In case you wish to earn money from your website and are planning to use Google Ad-sense, use the Ad-sense sandbox tool on to search for the domain, and whether or not it was banned from the Ad-sense program.
3. Negotiate for the price of the domain with the domain broker or reseller. Example: costs $2000, but you can always ask for a cheaper price.