Domains In The World Of Information technology

Do you love music? If you do, perhaps you are familiar with the debut album Domain by the British Metal band called Above All. Another heavy metal band composed of German singers has a song called Domain. Another pop/rock band which was formed in America in 1985 was named Private Domain. Well, this is not the domain that this article intends to inform you about.

This is about domains in the world of information technology. Like music, the term "domain" stands out and has its particular place. Many people use domains every day, like students who do their research every day to use in their school projects or thesis proposal, or engineers, technicians, web developers and other professionals whose careers are dependent on this information technology. Technical as it may seem the importance of domains is paramount because of several reasons discussed below.

In software engineering domain refers to a field of study which aims to solve a problem in a specific field. It defines a set of requirements which is common to that field. It has terminologies and functions which are being studied as a part of the software program. The domain itself in this particular course is a subject which requires attention if one would like to have a successful career in software engineering.

In order to produce new software, one needs so-called domain engineering. This is a process of reusing the knowledge about domain in order to come up with new software. One should note that it is merely reusing what is already known about the original software in order to produce a new one.

If your knowledge on the relationships as well as entities of systems is limited, the domain model is a great source of knowledge. It gives the model of the concept of a system. It describes everything you need to know about such entities and how they relate to each other in the field of information technology.

If there are such things as traffic jams and road-block problems in our physical world, such issues also occur in the cybernetic world. In this case, it is called collision domain. It is a physical segment of a network that is a shared medium. In this medium the data packets can actually collide with one another as cars do when they are on a free way. But unlike that of a car collision, in the information technology field, this is allowed.

Another term called domain analysis may be helpful to you if you want to know the parts of the software systems. It is a process wherein you will be guided into the analysis the related software systems in a domain. This process is done in order to find the common parts of software programs. At the same time, the variable parts are also analyzed.