Simple facts about Domain

Isn't it funny when children browse the internet and it seems they know more links and company names than the adults? Call it generation craze, but why not think about it? Kids spend more time on the internet, while most adults would rather bury their noses in books to find out about something. People call it the more diligent way of discovering things. But for the youth of today, they call it a waste of time.

One term that is not familiar to us is the word domain. Of course we know that it originates from the word dominion, meaning control or authority. But how do you apply this to technology? If you are one of those who are still ignorant of this technical term, this simple discussion might help you understand it.

A domain name is plainly defined as a label. You know that clothes have labels, even food items have names. You see their names on the products and this serves as their patent. It is a security for the customers that they are buying the right product. It also serves as a security for the manufacturer that their advertisements will not be put to waste because the customers were able to buy the product they advertised.

The domain name is not different. This is nothing peculiar, since just like those items, it simply refers to its name. The only difference is that it exercises its authority or control not in the grocery stores or malls but in the internet. It derives its right to make use of such label not from the patent office or from the office of the registry established by the government but from the so-called DNS. It is the domain name system.

So what is the purpose of the domain names other than as a label? Well, it is used for three purposes. First for networking, second for applications and third for giving address. As alien as this may seem to you, that is how the new generation conduct business today. The cyberspace gives a lot of potential customers and opportunities for expansion of any business enterprise. Therefore, using the domain names is highly indispensable now.

If you try to observe the internet host computers you would realize that the domain names are used as hostnames. They appear as a component of URL's for the resources in the internet such as the websites. The domain name would make it easy for any person most especially the students to scan through the internet various topics related to his studies. Without it, the information would be so hard to retrieve and may not be readily available for research.

Basing on the above discussion, you could already have a grasp of this technical term and understand how important it is in the internet world. It is indeed representing itself as domain because of its authority to exercise in full measure the very purpose for which it was created.