In the world of business and growth, individuals gain an advantage by using the power of the web to showcase their products. Wherever you are, you're able to publish your work to the Internet in almost no time at all, and people from all over the world can access it, using a computer or a mobile phone. You need to have a domain of your own and a hosting service to maintain your site.

You may choose to host your website on your own desktop computer by converting your personal computer to server, or you can choose to host your website on a professional hosting service specialized in web hosting.

Getting your self a hosting service is always an advantage as you would be aware of the fact that your own computer may crash or have issues with the internet service provider, causing downtimes, which cost money. There are advantages and disadvantages when hosting with a professional web host service, for example:


* You get maximum guaranteed uptime.
* You do not require any specialized skills to run a website as it's easy to install via specialized tools provided to you by the web host.
* You receive timely notifications about any scheduled maintenance work that might cause downtimes.
* You may get several options of Operating Systems for hosting your website such as Windows, Linux, MAC.
* You may get access to database servers in order to store your data and use it on your site.
* You may get the benefits of large bandwidth when compared to your own home internet.
* In some cases you may also get the option of hosting multiple websites on the same server.
* Some web hosting service companies offer premade applications such as photo Gallery applications or Community Forum applications for free.


* If you are highly technical and want to do modifications, you may not be permitted to access and customize the core of the server.
* You always require a secured connection with the Hosting service website in order to access your website.
* You cannot shut down the website immediately if required as you may have to place a request with the hosting company to do the changes.
* Usually you don't get customer service responses to your requests immediately.

Hosting your website is like walking over water on bridge, you get what you want but you must trust the web host. You may get several options such as hosting over a specific OS and dedicated server with unlimited space and bandwidth but watch out, in case it's cheaper than the next competition you might not be able to trust the host entirely as they might not have up to date hardware, or they might be lying about what they offer. You must always do a bit or research on your own.