Web Hosts

Below is a short list of a few hosting companies; good and bad. The Good are considered so because they offer good value for money, terrific support, and are generally outstanding, honest companies. The Bad offer either little or very slow support, undependable service, or are sometimes dishonest in their business practices.

The Good The Bad
  • CIHost.com
  • addr.com
  • DonHost.co.uk
  • FastHosts.co.uk
  • CWIhosting.com

When I say Donhost or Fasthosts, I mean resellers of their services. Resellers are not themselves hosts, but buy hosting services from a company and then sell them again at a higher price. You can tell a host is reseller of these companies by their nameservers. If their nameservers are "turbodns.co.uk" or "livedns.co.uk," use at your own risk!

This list is based on the opinion and experience of both myself and others. If you would like to hear of personal experiences with any of the above companies, you can either contact me or visit WebHostingTalk.com.