Learning Domains With Your Teen

Your teen-age son comes to you for help today. It's not the usual "give me an allowance" problem that he is talking to you about. It's about a computer term which is alien to you. He is talking about domains. Way back in your high school days, you knew that it refers to a territory, an area which is under the authority of the government. So you answer him with this concept: it is an authority over a specific thing.

For most parents who experienced teen-age life without the web and the fascination of gadgets that kids nowadays have, answering questions like this is truly difficult. So if you are experiencing this dilemma over the latest computer terms, the following article will be helpful to you.

In information technology there are many terms which refer to domains. Let us start with the term "administrative domain". It refers to a provider of services, like those which a person can access through the internet. These providers hold a security repository. Through this, they can easily authenticate their clients who have credentials in their system. Furthermore, they are able to determine if these clients are legitimate.

Another term is "broadcast domain". This refers to addresses which receive announcements from different networks. This is usually a group in computer networking.

The most common term, "domain name", refers to a name exclusively given to a client. For example, you use the term com, net and org to refer to them. It has a collection of network devices, an example of which is domain hack. It gives the full title of the domain. In other words, it gives you the full name of the domain. So if you are interested on what is the full name of the domain you would like to subscribe to, then you check the domain hack to learn about it.

Another example of the network devices under a domain name is the domain information groper. It is a tool available that gives inquiries on the domain name system. It asks for any record it would like to retrieve from the latter. Just in case your teen-age son would like to know more about an organization which was given a domain name, he may use the domain information groper. Through this he shall be able to learn more about its background, details of the organization and other pertinent information that he can access from the DNS.

There is also a network device under the domain name which is called domain privacy. This is employed to protect the user. It serves to replace the information about the user in the WHOIS directory. Instead it substitutes such information with a forwarding service.

There are many other terms related to domain that you may read about so that the next time your son asks you about it, you don't have to grasp for the details. But always keep in mind the vital meaning of domain which is authority.