How To Register a Domain Name

If you want to put up a business (or something that would cater to the international market) buying and maintaining a domain name would give you much exposure to possible clients. So while you are thinking about your possible clients and the data regarding your proposed business, the fact about the domain system would be a problem for you, unless you are a computer genius who could easily tap into the growing trends of the internet.

So let's assume that you want to have your own domain name, and you are at a loss of how to start with the registration process, and your knowledge on technology and different technical terms is at a minimum. If that is your case, the following these simple instructions will help you.

The first and most important step you have to take is to decide who to register with. The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers is responsible with accreditation of the domain name registrations, so you have to search their site for available names.

Second, you have to pay the annual/monthly fee. This fee is charged to you because of the services in delegating a user name to you. You shall have the exclusive right to use this domain name, and you will also be provided with information about servers in which you are already in default. By then you shall be called a registrant or a domain holder. It is because you have just purchased a domain name.

Third, your registration shall be published by the ICANN. You may check the validity of your registration through the data base online which you may access through the "Who is" service.

But before you go through the above process let us look back at your knowledge of what a domain name is. A domain name is a label used for identification which gives you authority, administrative autonomy and control basing on the Domain Name System over the Internet. Examples of these are the terms com, net and org which are classified as generic top-level domains. So a business name like "" would already be possible for you.

But why go through such a long process of registration? Can't you just write the name there and see how your business boom? As already mentioned above, the registration is imperative for the sake of the protection of your business. Your clients can be assured that they are dealing with a legitimate business enterprise.

Your business enterprise shall be protected from being used by other companies in order to hide their mischief. You will not be misrepresented because you have a registration number and a stable registered name that they could not usurp.

So what are you waiting for? The realization of your dream enterprise going big is at hand. Start now with the registration process. Start smart and you'll succeed.